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March, 13, 2006

Pisa, Italy

The first Annual IEEE International Workshop on "Foundation and Algorithms for Wireless Networking" (FAWN'2006) will be co-located with the Fourth Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computer and Communications (PerCom) in Pisa.

FAWN 2006 is devoted to algorithms, theory and modeling in the context of mobile and wireless computing and networking. It is intended to be a lively meeting, covering many of the algorithmic aspects of this field ranging from optimization, computational geometry, spatial stochastic models for wireless communications, graph, random graphs, spatial point processes and stochastic geometry, discrete and continuum percolation, theory combinatorics and approximation algorithms. The workshop is intended to foster cooperation among researchers in mobile computing and researchers in discrete and distributed algorithms and offer an opportunity to discuss and express their views on the current trends challenges and state of the art solutions addressing issues in wireless computing and networking.

FAWN'2006 will be composed of contributed and invited talks.

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